Haven't You Seen UNESCO'S World Cultural Heritage Aphrodisias?

When you approach the legendary city of Aphrodite, Ara Guler's Aphrodisias photographs will visualize. Aphrodisias discovered by Guler by chance.His driver lost his way when Guler was going to take photos of a dam at the east part of Aydın. Aphrodisias, put on the map by Guler to the world, enters your field of view with its ancient city walls that protect the city and then with its magnificent monumental gate called Tetrapylon. One end of the square at the entrance of the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage ancient city opens to the Aphrodisias Museum and one end to the Ara Guler Exhibition. This is the old village square where Master Ara stopped to rest on his way back to Aydın. When Guler's photographs made a worldwide impression and Aphrodisias was unearthed, the village of Geyre, which once had been intertwined with the ancient city, was moved a few kilometers away. You can take a walkaround impressive streets of Aphrodisias just as Ara Guler did you can take lots of pictures and say “History still lives today” on the stone steps of the ancient theater.



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