Are classic holidays with sea - sun - sand boring to you?

Do you want to enjoy the calm or adrenaline-filled moments away from the crowds?

Then, Aydin offers you a wide range of outdoor sports activities.

Well, what can you do in Aydin?

Aydin is a real paradise for trekking and canyon hiking lovers.

Our city is in excess of 850 kilometers in length with Turkey's longest hiking trails, which embodies the most exciting Caria way marked routes within the international standards!

Did you ever try to climb the narrow and steep steps of the famous Z-Road to the top of the mountain on which Priene, the wonder of ancient urbanism rests?

Or bouldering in the sacred Latmos (Besparmak) Mountains, known as the mysterious rocks forest…

Paragliding, kite surfing, diving, canoeing, amateur fishing, bird and botanical watching, mountain biking or camping…

There are plenty of options for alternative holidays in Aydin. The choice is yours…