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Bozdogan is a former accommodation unit, the administrative borders of the district within the Greek, Seljuk and Ottoman period is understood from various ruins and still living artifacts. Excavations yielded the remains of a settlement belonging to the Arya State (Bergasa) near the village of Kavakli, and the remains of the city of Neopolis around the village of Yazikent and Koyuncular.

It is known that the Korteke Castle in the Korteke is the historical cisterns in the villages of Rola, Ortulu and Konakli and the Seljuk works of the Kemer Bridge.

Carsi, Pabuscuoglu, Baltacioglu and Hidirbaba Mosques, Marble Bridge and various mounds in the district center still live as Ottoman monuments.

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WHAT TO DO IN Bozdogan

Things to do in Bozdogan