Travel Times

Ankara 8h
İstanbul 5h 45min
İzmir 1h 15min
Adana 12h

On average 300 days of the year, the joy of the sunny Aegean holiday center of Kusadasi, the joy of the best holiday experience is experienced on the beach. How about lying in the pier with? If your answer is “yes”, the serpentine road winding between the hills covered with olive groves will take you to Gazibegendi Hill. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who came to Kusadasi on February 9, 1924, liked this spot with a panoramic view and it was named Gazibegendi.

The continuation of the road will bring you to the stunning coast of Kusadasi Here is the symbol and auspicious symbol of the district Guvercinada in front of you! The island, which is connected to the beach by an elongated mole, evokes an image of film frames with its castle built on rocks.

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WHAT TO DO IN Kusadasi

Things to do in Kusadasi